Monday, 28 March 2016

walking on a dream

Have you ever watched so much TV, to the point that when you stop looking at the bright screen and look at your surroundings, you feel like you are in a dream. And at anytime now, you should wake up to the last point in time when you were the happiest. 

To the point that, you don't want to stop watching. Because you know that you will never wake up. And where you are now, it is reality, and you cannot bring back that happiness. 

To the point that, whenever someone texts you, you don't even want to respond, because what is the point. Those people do not rely on you. They do not need you. They are not the one you really want to be texting you. 

Sidetracked. The main point was really that I have been hooked on American Horror Story. 

Initially, I was too afraid to start in case I found it too scary. But being a person who enjoys horror, I found it thrilling and with such good story lines. You forget it is horror. Every season is something different and something to look forward to. 

I can't pinpoint which season is my favourite but they're all absurd, vulgar and brilliant altogether. 

What I really enjoyed, is the fact that the same actors/actresses appear in all seasons, playing various characters, truly portraying their acting abilities. They are truly amazing actors/actresses!! Really absorbing into the new characters, different names, different roles, different levels of crazy! 

If you have the guts for this, seriously, this is an era changing TV series. 

But note that after binge watching this for days/ weeks, I became quite dark and needed a break from it. Not long though, before I craved for more of the crazy. 

Think this might be even better than Game of Thrones >< 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

picking up hobbies - green yucky fingers

With the world being so small nowadays, all we want to do is travel. 

and now that I have come to understand more of the New Zealand ways of life, I see that all people want to do is graduate then do their OE "Overseas Experience" in London. 

For me, I take it that I have already done this "OE" since I moved here from Malaysia for university. So the last thing I wanted to do was uproot again. However, because you see their travel stories, it makes me think maybe, just maybe, I might do it. 

It is picking up hobbies that actually makes me want to stay in a place for long. For example, recently, I have been reading up on gardening. I bought a mint plant and am trying to keep it alive for once. If you are like me, who loves food, but hates dirt and all things insects, you will understand how this will be challenging hobby. But I love trying new things, so this will be my 2016 to do list! 

I have picked up some wooden pallets (heat treated so that it is safe to use) and decided on building a salad table. This is because they are all moveable and shallow planting, i.e. less soil! 

My goal, is to have some kale, baby spinach, lettuce, coriander and basil. I'm not sure when I will complete this project though. In the mean time, I am trying to save my little mint plant from dying. 

Some people are not meant to plant, i.e. me (I have gone through 2 mint plants and an oregano) but this year I am trying to change things. 

Do you feel this way about planting too? 
Check the link below and you might change you mind!

Monday, 4 January 2016

May the Force be with you

Since I'm not in a relationship and most of my mates are, sometime you just don't feel like bugging the couples to accompany you for a movie! 

So I decided since movies are anti-social activities anyway, I'll do it on my own. And who says having lunch in a restaurant on your own is a bad thing? 

I visited PappaRich to try their Chilli Pan Mee which is the only place I know in Auckland that sells it. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much so this met my expectation. But, I think I'll stick with my home made recipe even though it takes a lot of effort. 

The movie today was - STAR WARS VII: The Force Awakens

I watched it in IMAX 3D and it was epic. Especially when I just spent my entire long weekend having a Star Wars marathon. This was the cream on the top. 

Was fun watching all the old characters reunite, and who can resist the "ngawing" of Chewbacca! I want a furry animal friend too. 

Was definitely a space opera. Give it a shot and immerse yourself in this fantasy world, you might like it! 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nice work on complimenting yourself

The Pretty One. 

"You need to start worrying about what you're dealing with." 

"I'm a pretty cool girl."

"I'm going to be more like me, to find out what that really means." 

Another film with Zoe Kazan. This is like 13 going on 30, but without the sparkles/ magic but rather more on sad note and closer to reality. 

This scene made me tear up. 

Sometimes when being compared to others, it is hard to find your personality, your own identity. Sometimes after a break up it is hard to be alone, hard to let go. 

But really, we all came into this world alone, but with family to guide us. Similarly, if we're alone, we have friends to hang out with us. 

It is really important to keep those friendships and not be totally dependent on that significant other. Friendship never ends, but I'm sure everybody can attest to this when I say that when a romantic relationship ends, even though they may have been a best friend to you, somehow the "ship" sinks a little and never recovers. 

I, for one do not believe in letting go of the friendship created between lovers but usually it is the other significant party that cannot deal with it. And this is true especially when there is trust issues and all that temptation nonsense which I feel if people were grounded in their moral values, they should have no problem with. 

Back to my short scribble of a movie review, overall, it is an easy watch with values to be learnt. A girl should be strong and confident about herself. Who cares what people think? Sometimes it is important to worry about yourself. Be nice to others and do not lie. 
There is quite a good music score and slightly cheesy love story but nonetheless, a good Tuesday movie for me. 

Rating: 3/5

You don't get to decide what I do

"Wanna bet?" 

Over the weekend, filtering through the "People who liked this also liked..." section in IMDB for the past few films I've seen, I came across Ruby Sparks which was given quite a high rating. 

The way I usually decide to watch a movie is the rating and the film poster. 
I didn't mind this one, so decided to give it a shot.

Written by Zoe Kazan, also starring herself, the first time I've seen her is in the movie What If with Daniel Radcliffe. I think she is very pretty and acted really well in this movie. 

This movie has an interesting storyline, which at times may seems slightly over the top, but when you immerse yourself in the movie, you start noticing the underlying themes being portrayed. What I got out of this, is that in a relationship, it is all about give or take as both parties are free souls, to make their own choices and decisions. 

If not, all you want is a relationship with yourself. 

If you let them be free, they might just come back to you. This saying, may be differently phased by others, but the meaning is oh, so true. 

Rated: 6.5/10

Friday, 13 November 2015

We love who we love. Sucks

I have really come to enjoy a quiet Friday night, with dinner and a movie at home. 

Tonight, my choice was Before We Go which is directed and produced by Chris Evans. Also starring himself. 

To be honest, I am slightly biased because being for someone who worked in New York for three months, every time I see a photo of New York or anything resembling the magical city, I like. 

So the following is me attempting to describe cinematography. Can't even spell that word without using spell check! To me, I relate the recording of this movie to more of an independent film, with the raw camera, out of focused and close profile shots. It also portrays a lot of the city skyline. On a side note, the opening and the way it is shot reminds me of "once" the movie. I did not finish that movie, but was able to finish this :)

Storyline wise, it is about a boy and a girl bumping into each other, with different circumstances but somehow having a real connection and ends up helping each other without even knowing it. I don't know if I entirely agree with what happens in between, but I do like how it ended. 

What I found different is that the movie tries to instill a sense of commitment. 

What most people think and most easily fall for: 
"It's possible that you could meet somebody who's perfect for you even though you're committed to somebody else."

What the correct attitude is: 
"No, no, see, I think if you're committed to somebody, you don't allow yourself to find perfection in someone else."

I believe the latter is very true but with the new age society, nobody thinks that anymore. People find it easy to stray from their marriages or couples that have been in a long term relationship (3 years) and suddenly have "crushes" on another or feels like there is no longer the "spark". 

Like anything, the spark diffuses but it is the commitment and love that lasts. 

I believe it is like buying a house, you can look and look and tell yourself you want the house and you want to look after it, but until you sign the dotted line and commit yourself (in buying a house it would be financially but in the case of relationship it is emotionally), you can always flake out.  

I have been flaked out twice so I am still hoping, trying not to be a cynic, that my commitment is somewhere out there. 

Anyway, with every good romance movie, comes a good indie soundtrack, which is one of my movie-must-haves as I usually focus more on the music than anything else. 

So I'll leave you with the soundtrack link below:

Movie: 6 / 10

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Look for the blue bits

Lighthearted, humorous and quirky dialogs.

There is nothing not to like about it.

Man up is a movie about timing, again. Meeting somebody, taking chances, Hope. 

"You're an emotional jigsaw puzzle at the moment but you're gonna piece yourself back together.
Start with the corners and look for the blue bits."


"F*** the past" 

Also, it is set in London so now I really want to go there and I want stronger thighs. Sigh.